3D Design Service: If a product has a 3D Design Service logo in the description, then we can generate a 3D demonstration of that product with your graphics in place. Great for first time buyers.

iPad 360Accessories: In a nutshell these are the bits and pieces you may need to build or add to your exhibition displays. Our accessories include adhesive tapes, bags & cases, lighting and ipad holders.


If you need a roller banner or pop-up display, but don't have your own artwork. Our experienced design team can work with you to create powerful and show stopping graphics to accompany your portable display products.

Bespoke Displays: If you require a special type of stand, sign or unit such as a bespoke stand, and can't find anything to suit your needs on The Exhibition Store. Visit The Stand People at www.thestandpeople.co.uk where we make a stand bespoke to your needs.

Connect BannersConnect Banners: These do exactly what they say on the tin. Connect an unlimited amount of our Connect Banners together to create the ultimate display system for exhibitions and trade shows.


Design Consultation: If you place an order with us requiring files to be sent to us we will contact you when you place your order to talk you through the various requirements we have for artwork.

Desktop/ Table Top Banners: Smaller displays that can be displays on desktop and table tops.

Delivery Time: This is the amount of time it takes for your items to get to you once they have been produced by us.

Exhibition LighsExhibition Lighting: A range of different lighting specifically designed for roller banners, pop-up systems, display panels & more. Available individually or included in one of our many exhibition bundle offers. 


File Format: When you click 'save as' after you have produced your artwork you will usually be given an option in a drop down menu to save the file as a specific file format. We will inform you of this when you place an order. Common file formats are .jpg .pdf .png etc.
WInd Dancer FlagFlags: 
Available for outdoor or indoor use. Flags are great for advertising promotions, brand awareness and more. A range of flags are available with different base types for all environments. We even have plastic bases which can be filled with water or sand for a strong and sturdy display.


Flexi Twist and Curve: 
Display products that 
offers incredible flexibility, stability and ease of use. Designed to fulfil a wide range of exhibiting solutions.

Formuate Systems: Unlike pop-ups, stealth and twist banners. Formulate displays provide one large graphic so you won't have to align each graphic panel together. For permanent or semi-permanent displays.
LumosLumos LED Towers: 
A unique tower display that lights up your graphics for that extra impact. Also available as a counter. These are great for standing our at any exhibitions or environments with poor lighting.

Menu/Poster Holders: Useful for retail and point of sale. Wide range of menu signs and poster  frames available for indoor or outdoor use.

Modular Displays: Modular displays are useful if you'd like an extra bit of flexibility when it comes to the size of your banners/displays. In essence modular displays allow you to connect numerous panels/units together to give you an amount of space to suit you.

Notice/Menu Boards: Ideal for training or work-place enviroments. Useful for when regular message change is needed.

Outdoor Products: A range of products that can handle the outdoors. Including Banners, flags, signs and more.

Pop-UpPop Ups: Pop-Up kits are generally what you would use if you wanted a biggest presence than a Roller Banner. They vary in size and shape as well as providing a great backdrop solution to a campaign you might be running. Other uses for Pop-Up systems can be to create a branded meeting/waiting area. Although bigger than a Roller Banner, they are extremely simple to pop up.


Premium Banner Polyester: When purchasing a roller banner, you will have two options for the graphics. A premium banner is high-white, giving excellent colour definition. Ideal for semi-permanent displays where a premium finish is required.
Production Time:
This is how long it takes us to process your order. This will vary depending on product with ones requiring artwork for example taking slightly longer. You will need to add this to the delivery time to work out when your order will arrive.

V CounterPromo Stands and Counters:
Promo Stands and counters allow you to promote your brand as well as having useful counter space as a touch point to serve potential clients/ customers.

PVC Banners: PVC Banners provide high standard, durable weather-proof banners. Perfect for promoting your event or business in even the most challenging outdoor environments.
Do you own a retail based business where you need to make customers aware of specific information? Then in this product area we have everything you need to display important information in your business.

Grasshopper Roller BannerRoller Banners: Also known as a pull up or roll up. These do exactly what they say on the tin. The 'banner' is rolled up inside its own base; when you want to erect it up you simply pull it up and clip it to its supporting pole. Easy! 

Standard Banner Polyester/Hybrid: When purchasing a roller banner, you will have two options for the graphics. A standard banner is a durable substrate that retains its shape, ideal for mobile presentations and also for more permanent displays.
Stealth Banners: Linkable Banner Systems. Use as single or multiple units. Stealth Banners offer the freedom to create the ultimate display system due to its flexible panels.
Tension Banners: Unlike Roller Banners, a Tension Banner Graphic is not contained in the base, meaning you can easily inter-change your graphics.
The Stand People LogoThe Stand People: The Exhibition Store trades under The Stand People Ltd. Visit www.thestandpeople.co.uk if you require any specific or bespoke displays.


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